Did you know that the clearest views of the Arenal Volcano are in the months of September and October? This is due to the convergence of Caribbean trade winds coming in and creating a microclimate in the La Fortuna area unlike any other in Costa Rica. Take advantage of Green Season rates and lesser crowds and come visit us at Arenal Manoa Hot Springs Resort! If you’ve ever wondered what to do on a rainy day in Arenal and La Fortuna then read on.

The green or rainy season doesn’t halt activities in the lush La Fortuna-Arenal region. The seasons in this tropical country don’t just refer to the weather, but the travel seasons as well. Be it our high – dry (mid-December through April) or our rainy – green season (May-December) there is much to do, and the adventure never stops. The time when Costa Rica replenishes is a wonderful time to visit, and there are multiple benefits as well. Not only are hotels and activities less crowded, but hoteliers and activity outfitters provide discounts and bonuses on their services.

Savor an invigorating cup of Costa Rican coffee and give yourself an early morning start for a better chance to catch the conical volcano clear for photo ops, and dive into your day, as relaxed or active as you like.


A rainy day equals spa day! Treat yourself to a spontaneous day at the spa enjoying a well-deserved massage to soothe your muscles and release any built-up stress. An entire afternoon in our hot springs might be just what you need. For something more physical and centering, take in a yoga class, and then sit on your balcony reading a book or just close your eyes and listen to the chirping of exotic birds and abundance of other wildlife playing all around you.

Resort spa in Arenal Costa Rica
Arenal Costa Rica ATV tour


Rain doesn’t mean adrenaline-filled activities need to be put on hold, in fact, it makes them even more enjoyable! Going back to the days when jumping in puddles was the most fun one could have and now let’s add an ATV to the mix! Now imagine an off-road trip through the rainforest, ending with a dip in a river to wash off some of that mud?

White-water rafting is also very popular and even more intense during the rainy season. However, your guide will have ensured that it’s a safe day for an outing before taking off. Once on the river, you’ll be paddling your way to a memorable adventure with friends and family.


No need to cancel your plans because of a rainy morning. Often times during the green season, it only rains a bit during the morning, which will set you up for a most magnificent afternoon. If you have a hike planned, go ahead, take off, and be present for when the warm sun greets you on your journey.

There is nothing better than hiking through a rainforest with your raincoat and boots, breathing in the freshness of the crisp, moist air. By mid-day you’ll likely begin to see the sparkles of sunlight as they hit the raindrops on lush green leaves and vibrantly colorful flowers. 

La Fortuna waterfall in Arenal Costa Rica
Arenal Costa Rica gift shop


You can’t return home without a few keepsakes or souvenirs from Costa Rica. Rainy days are a perfect time to visit the town of La Fortuna which offers a slew of shopping options. La Fortuna is small enough to navigate on foot as you explore a variety of souvenir shops, art galleries showcasing local artisans, supermarkets, and pharmacies. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for yourself and loved ones.

Rainy days will not rain on your parade!

No matter what time of the year you visit Costa Rica and the La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano areas, you’ll find plenty to do for fun, adventure or to just relax and unwind. We look forward to hosting you whenever is best for you and your schedule. Contact us for more information, to reserve your stay or to book an adventure today!


Arenal Manoa Premium Suite


The favorite of couples looking for an indulgence experience, extra comfort and space in King Sized bed and of course, panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano.


Superior Suite Arenal Manoa Costa Rica


Upgraded experience with superior amenities, spacious areas, lush tropical surroundings and amazing views of the Arenal Volcano from your own porch.


Junior Suite Arenal Manoa Costa Rica


Comfortable, secluded and spacious suite with all the amenities you may need and stunning views of the Arenal Volcano and the tropical rainforest.