Latest news from Arenal, La Fortuna and Costa Rica

Earthshot Award Costa Rica

Latest news from Arenal, La Fortuna and Costa Rica

Costa Rica wins environmental Earthshot Prize

The prestigious Earthshot Prize was awarded to Costa Rica by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Looking to promote and inspire collective action to repair the planet in the next decade, the winning project, focused on reforestation, will use the one-million-pound award to develop its scope and outreach, sharing knowledge and best practices with tropical areas worldwide.
Earthshot Award Costa Rica

World Sloth Day is celebrated in October

The third Saturday of October is celebrated as World Sloth Day. This cute mammal, recently named one of Costa Rica's symbols, is tremendously important to the health of the forest's biodiversity. Named for its slowness of movement, which strategically allows it to conserve energy, the sloth feeds mostly on leaves, which are digested through its 4-chambered stomach and descends from the safety of the treetops to defecate once a week.
Many visitors to Costa Rica have a sighting of a sloth on their list, and La Fortuna is a great place to fulfill this wish.

Slothtober World Sloth Day

La Fortuna named Thermal capital of Costa Rica

La Fortuna in San Carlos was just named the thermal capital of Costa Rica, due to the abundance of mineral rich hot springs which flow from the volcanic lands. At Arenal Manoa, you don't have to leave your hotel to experience the health benefits of these waters, you can take a dip just steps away from your guestroom. Improve circulation, detox your body, calm sore muscles, improve skin condition and simply relax.
Thermal Capital of Costa RicaLa Fortua

Biodiversity in Costa Rica in full display

An endemic tree which had never been identified was discovered in San Carlos last year by electric company workers. After exhaustive research by scientists, who confirmed this year it is a species that had never been identified, it was named Plinia costaricensis, in honor of Costa Rica's bicentennial this year. It produces a mango-like fruit and can grow up to 30 meters high.
New species of tree discovered in the rainforest
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