What to do in La Fortuna when it’s raining?

La Fortuna

Costa Rica is well known for its 2 defining ‘seasons’. Be it our High – Dry (mid December through April) or our Rainy – Green season (May-December) there is much to do and the adventure never stops. A majority of tourists tend to visit during the high season but this article isn’t for those folks.

Accessible Travel Hot Springs at Arenal Manoa

Wheelchair Accessible Hot Springs

Costa Rica as one of the most accessible destinations. At Arenal Manoa Hotel Resort & Hot Springs, our grounds are easy to navigate, and we have designed facilities which include ramps to enjoy the pools.

Hot Springs & Spa Wellness: Mental and Physical Wellness at Arenal Manoa

Wellness is our Hot Spring Spa Pool

By far the most active tourist destination in Costa Rica, the Arenal – La Fortuna area offers a limitless number of activities to experience including Hot Springs. Outdoor Outfitters provide options for bird watching, hiking, white water rafting, zip-lining, rappelling, cave explorations and more at this “adventure capital” of the country.