Arenal Manoa Resort
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The Arenal Manoa Story

Arenal Resort Hotel & Hot Springs offers much more than the traditional lodging experience. Our extensive property includes a working traditional dairy farm, a great activity for kids and adults alike.

The name Manoa was derived from a succession of events linked to the original livestock farming company name, La Unión, or the Union. La Unión´s logo was a hand, also used as a branding iron for the cattle. When the property was divided, and split between two brothers, one kept the branding iron, and wanted the name of his new company the farming company to be La Mano, or the hand. Since the name was already taken, an A was added becoming Manoa. When the family decided to enter the hospitality industry and build the resort, Arenal Manoa was the logical name for their new venture, also representing the five siblings who founded the hotel together.

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Arenal Manoa Resort Hotel & Hot Springs


To engage our guests in a wonderful setting of wellbeing and rest, differentiated service, surrounded by natural beauty and a sustainable environment, guaranteeing unforgettable experiences.

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Arenal Manoa Resort Hotel & Hot Springs


To become a leading company in the hospitality industry, in terms of customer service and sustainability, equipped to fulfill unforgettable experiences for our guests.

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