La Saca Restaurant

Guests can enjoy both national and international cuisine with an amazing view of the Arenal Volcano.

arenal manoa hotel

Güipipia and Uyuyui Wet Bars

Every pool area has a special bar where our guests can enjoy their favorite beverages and snacks, see the volcano and take a dip in the pool all in this one area designed specifically for such pleasures.

arenal manoa hotel

Swimming Pool Areas

Keeping our advantageous view of the volcano in mind, our pools and our jacuzzi are strategically located so that guests can enjoy the refreshing waters without missing the volcanic eruptions that can happen at any moment. Children have their own pool where they can play without being far from security and watchful eyes of their parents.

Also you can enjoy our natural Hot Springs pool area where you can relax every day. At sunset is the best time to enjoy the relaxing properties of this water.

Every pool area has a Jacuzzi with natural hot springs to relax and a wonderful way to better enjoy your stay here. This part of the country offers many attractions and relaxing in the Jacuzzi is always a welcomed way to rejuvenate your energy.