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activities arenal manoa hotel

Dairy Tour

Before the tourism boom in the area of La Fortuna de San Carlos, the principal income was the milk production. This walk goes through the main productive activities of Manoa farm; ornamental plantations, Los Palmitos trail, sheep farm, pigs and chickens, eggs production and milk production.

The trip start at the Front Desk Hotel, where our bilingual guide will be waiting and offering the use of rubber boots for the trip. The tour takes around 2 hours and goes thru the private road of the farm and Los Palmitos trail. During the trip the guide will give a short history of the farm and the actual situation (Production and the self sufficient project with the Hotel), then we will go into the gallery forest where we can see some flora and fauna of the area.

Finally we will arrive at Manoa dairy where we can appreciate the milking process and if you like to milk one of our cows we will prepare one for you. Them we are going to see the others farm animal's: sheep's, pigs and chickens. After a brief rest we will go back to the Hotel, checking the pastures lands for the cattle plus a wonderful view of the Arenal Volcano.

Includes: bilingual naturalist guide.
Departure time: 14.00
Duration: 2 Hours (approximate time)
What to bring: comfortable clothing, hiking boots or tennis shoes, binoculars, camera, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent and rain gear (during rainy season)


activities arenal manoa hotel

Arenal Volcano Hike at the National Park (Morning tour)

The Arenal Volcano starts with a drive to the active north-western side of the volcano. Once there you will start on a hike through Las Coladas Trail which crosses the rain forest and goes over a large lava flow from 1992. It is possible to observe a great variety of plants, wildlife, and magnificent lava formations.

Once on top of the lava flow, you will have a beautiful view of the Arenal Lake. The hike ends at a viewing area where, if weather permits you will be able to see lava rolling down. During the tour, our experienced guides will provide interesting and educational information regarding the history of the majestic mountain and the Arenal Volcano National Park.

Includes: transportation from and to La Fortuna or surroundings, bilingual naturalist guide, entrance fee to the national park and beverages.
Departure time: 8:15 am or 2:45 pm
Duration: 3 Hours (approximate time)
What to bring: comfortable clothing, hiking boots or tennis shoes, binoculars, camera, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent and rain gear (during rainy season)..

Walk to the National Park: US$63.00

Walk to the National Park + Baldi Hot Springs (lunch or dinner): US$113.00

Walk to the National Park + Ecotermales Hot Springs (lunch or dinner): US$136.00

Walk to the National Park + Tabacón Hot Springs (lunch): US$167.00 or (dinner): US$155.00


activities arenal manoa hotel

Canopy Tour

If you like to experience a unique adrenalin filled sensation, come travel with us on one of the attractions that make Costa Rica famous at a world wide level, for its Canopy Tour.

Located in La Fortuna, in the town of San Carlos you will find Arenal Ecoglide Park is one of Costa Rica's newest adventure parks. Arenal Ecoglide Parks canopy is built following the highest standards, approved by I.C.T. (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo) and insured by I.N.S. (Instituto Nacional de Seguros) providing major security to our customers.

Our Canopy at Arenal Ecoglide Park is known for having two separate cables, the first cable is the one you glide on, the second is for major safety precautions. The canopy consists of 15 cables and 18 platforms which are divided into three sections that are found mostly in the trees, which are designed to provide our visitors greater contact with nature.

On our tour you will find one of our major attractions the Tarzan Swing, which guarantees you will have the greatest adventure. You will forget about work, and all your worries will disappear while you enjoy your vacation, as you fly thru the trees like Tarzan. Page under construction we are sorry for the inconvenience.

The canopy tour not only offers you a great adventure but also an opportunity to observe all the animal life in its natural habitat. Each platform has been designed so that you can observe the forest from different angles allowing you to photograph the impressing scenery. Discover what adrenalin really means to nature lovers.

Our location is perfect when you plan a trip to La Fortuna, you can combine your trip with this extraordinary tour that will allow you to live a very unforgettable journey enjoying nature along with a fabulous view of the majestic Arenal Volcano.

Includes: transportation & drinks
Departure time: every hour from 08:00 till 15:00
Duration: 2.5 Hours (approximate time)
What to bring: comfortable clothing & tennis shoes.


activities arenal manoa hotel

Real Caño Negro

The wildlife reserve Caño Negro is one of the most important reserves for bird watching and observation of other wild animals in the whole country. The variety of birds is incredible. Caño Negro is also the home of sloths, three types of monkeys, caimans, bats as well as a big variety of plants, typical for this humid climate.

Our tour starts in Fortuna. With a minibus we drive for about 1 ½ hours through agricultural landscape to the restaurant "el Caiman", directly boarding the river "Rio Frio". After a welcome drink we board the motorboat and ride slowly for about 20 minutes on the river to reach the National refuge Caño Negro. For the next 2 ½ hours we enjoy the beautiful Fauna and Flora of this exceptional pretty National refuge.

From the beginning of the bus ride the guide explains to us all about the native, regional agriculture.

Includes: transportation, bilingual, nature bound tour guide, welcome drink, drinking water, entrance to the National refuge and a typical lunch in the restaurant "el Caiman".
Departure time: 07:30
Duration: Full Day activity (From 07:30 till 16:30)
What to bring: light, comfortable clothing, sandals or tennis shoes, binoculars, camera, sunscreen lotion and insect repellent.


activities arenal manoa hotel

Venado Caves Tour

For those people that would not matter get wet and muddy, in this fascinating adventure under ground to only 45 minute from La Fortuna, we will take you through narrow passages and incredible labyrinths and chambers where we will see the famous formation of rock named "La Papaya," and other stalactites and stalagmites that they surely will astonish to everybody. Also you will see spiders and bats which are frequent in this place.

Includes: comfortable transport, bilingual guide, flash light, helmet, and cold drinks.
Departure time: 08:30 & 13:00
Duration: 4 Hours (approximate time)
What to bring: Light comfortable clothes, sandals or shoes if you don't mind getting wet, binoculars, camera, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent, a change of clothes and a plastic bag for wet clothes.


activities arenal manoa hotel

Rafting on Toro River (Class III & IV)

Our journey begins with a scenic drive through the Eastern portion of central Costa Rica. We will travel through the beautiful pineapple, papaya and yucca fields with Volcano Arenal set in the backdrop. Once we reach our destination, our trianed/skilled guides will review the rules and safety guidelines for the river. Then we will take the PLUNGE and head down river. We will enjoy the spectacular scenery and a thrilling ride. Halfway through our journey we will "refuel" on the river bank and enjoy some delicious tropical fruit while soaking in the tropical surroundings. At the end of our journey we will indulge in ice cold refreshments followed by a Typical Costa Rican lunch filled with Gallo Pinto and fresh fruits. So come challenge yourself and RIDE THE BULL!

Includes: transportation and lunch.
Departure time: 08:30
Duration: 8 hours
What to bring: towels, extra clothes, swim suit, wrap sandals or tennis shoes..


activities arenal manoa hotel

Hiking to Celeste River & Tenorio Volcano

We leave at 7:00 a.m. from La Fortuna. After a typical breakfast in route to Rio Celeste, we'll arrive at the Tenorio Volcano National Park, were we'll begin our 7 k.m hike (approximately 4 hours) through the tropical rain forest. We'll arrive "Los Teñíderos" of the Rio Celeste, the site where two streams of crystalline water come together and form the heavenly color blue that gives the river its name. We'll return through trails, rich with ecological wonders, that lead us to the "OLLAS" -- openings in the earth where we can excavate healing muds, take a mud bath, and a dip in the natural hot springs all while observing the attractions of Tenorio Volcano.

We'll continue our hike through the jungle to seek out the volcano's furnace vents that expel gases of extreme high temperatures. On our decent we will get to see the spectacular Rio Celeste waterfall whose color makes it one of a kind. Our final reward is an exquisite lunch at the end of our journey

Includes: transportation, bilingual guide, breakfast, entrances to park and lunch.
Departure time: 07:30
Duration: Full Day tour (From 07:30 till 16:30)
What to bring: comfortable clothing, walking shoes or tennis shoes & camera. Recommend for people in good physical conditions.